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The Oman police clearance certificate is an official document issued by the designated police authority or government department to enumerate whether the applicant commit any offense which is harmful not only to individuals but also to community or state. Police clearance certificate also known as good conduct certificate, good citizen certificate and judicial record extracts etc.. The main objective of  Police clearance certificate  is to specify the person is not taking part in  any offensive criminal activities. The aim of the police clearance certificate is to keep their country from threats and unlawful activities.

Required documents for applying Police clearance certificate in Oman – 

  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • Oman ID copy (Not Mandatory)
  • 1 Blue background Passport size photo

The police clearance certificate is given to persons who stay as a resident in Oman for some certain purposes like educational purposes, employment purposes, business purposes etc.. Before giving police clearance certificate Oman police will collect all details about the applicant and confirm that he/she is not taking part in any unlawful activities in their country. This is an official record which shows individuals all background information.  An individual with 18years or above can apply for a Police clearance certificate.  Police clearance certificate is not necessary for persons who are going in visiting visa. Police clearance certificate is a significant document and it plays a vital role in our international communication. Police clearance certificates include several legal processes. When we obtain a Police clearance certificate we easily relocate to another country. Police clearance certificate is a gateway to other countries. Other countries which required PCC are Qatar, Kuwait and U.A.E. Police clearance certificate helps the police authority to know about the applicant very well. After the investigation designated authority will issue the certificate to the applicant and he will eligible to go other countries. Police clearance certificate is an important authenticate document which also an identity card to a person.