Death Certificate Apostille in Oman

Death certificate Apostille, a type of non educational certificate Apostille. The Death certificate is an official legal document signed by a qualified doctor, which gives information about a person’s death (such as when and how the death happened). The Death certificate Apostille is a necessary need in Hague convention member countries. Apostille attestation is also known as Apostille convention. Death certificate Apostille in Oman is a legal process of death certificate verification issued by a designated person authority or department, in which a mandatory authority will attach a stamp or sticker on the document. A Death certificate is issued from the home country of the person who died. It contains information regarding the death of a particular person like the name of the person, date of birth, date of death, place where the death happened, the reason for death, verification sign by the doctor etc..

Required documents for applying Death certificate Apostille are

  • Passport copy of the applicant
  • Original death certificate

Death certificate Apostille has many purposes like for financial purposes, for visa purposes and also for other personal needs. For example, a person has a property in a foreign country (which falls under Hague convention), after the death of that person his son wants to sell that property, for that he has to submit the death certificate Apostille of his father issued by the embassy or consulate of that particular foreign country which is present in their home country. Before giving Apostille the concerned authority will check the credibility of the given document. Financial needs are the main purpose of the death certificate Apostille. Embassy is the responsible authority  of issuing a death certificate  Apostille. Apostille can add authenticity to the document. Apostille can make your certificate valid and valuable in the home country. Now, all Hague convention countries ask Apostille attestation to avoid complications in future.