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Kuwait Police Clearance Certificate or good standing certificate is a legal document issued by Kuwait police or the Kuwait government to specify that the applicant may or may not have any criminal records. The main purpose of police clearance certificate is to ensure that the person is not harmful to any individual or state. Police clearance certificate is an identity card for a person which will show his/her past activity. A Kuwait police clearance certificate is given to persons who stayed as a resident in that country for employment purposes, business purposes, academic purposes etc.. and going to relocate another country for above mentioned needs.

 Other countries which required Police clearance certificate are –

  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Oman

The main objective of the police clearance certificate is to prove the applicant doesn’t do any harmful activities against the nation’s interest.  Violation of law or rule is a crime, but every violation of law is not a crime. Before giving PCC the designated authority will collect information about us to ensure that we are eligible for PCC. Obtaining police clearance certificate is a legal process.

Documents required for obtaining Kuwait Police Clearance certificate –

  • Fingerprints attested by Kuwait embassy
  • Request letter from the embassy of the country in which you are going to relocate
  • Passport copy
  • Kuwait residence page copy
  • 2 Blue background passport size photo (Recent)

Police clearance certificate is given by a police authority or government departments. Before that they make sure that the person is not a threat to their country’s security. A person who is committed any crime will not permitted to enter that particular country, and visa will also suspended. The aim of the police clearance certificate is to keep away their country from crimes and unlawful activities. Police clearance certificate is a confirmation and its also a authenticate document.