Marriage Certificate Apostille Services in Oman | Pakistan | India | Dubai | Sharjah | Canada

Marriage certificate, an official document issued by the government authorities/ departments of your home country to prove the marriage has taken place or legally approved. Marriage certificate Apostille, a type of non educational certificate Apostille, in which the designated person/ authority/ departments confirm the authenticity of your marriage certificate. Apostille attestation is a sincere and forthright process required in all Hague convention countries. Apostille attestation is issued by the mandatory authority, who attach a stamp/ sticker/ seal to the document after the verification. In most countries embassy is responsible for issuing Apostille attestation. Usage of certificates without Apostille attestation is not allowed in Apostille nations. The Marriage certificate is an official record which contains all information regarding your marriage like the name of the couple, age of the couple, date of marriage, place where the marriage occurred etc..

Marriage certificate Apostille required for the following purposes –

  • For applying Family visa or resident visa
  • For migration
  • While applying passport for your children (if needed)

The marriage certificate Apostille is a necessary procedure, which makes your certificate more genuine and authenticate. If you are planning to relocate in a foreign country (which comes under Hague convention) with your family, you should take  marriage certificate Apostille by that country’s embassy or consulate which is situated in your home country.

Required documents for applying higher secondary certificate Apostille are –

  • Passport copy
  • Original Marriage certificate

 Every country has their own mandatory authority to issue Apostille attestation. The Marriage certificate Apostille is not necessary for people who are going in visiting visa. Once you got an Apostille attestation, it will be applicable anywhere in that particular country. Validity of Apostille depends upon the country, where the certificate holder plans to go. In coming years, Apostille becomes a strict legal process for all persons who moving to abroad. Countries that are not part of Hague convention comes under attestation.