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Degree Certificate Apostille Services in Oman

Degree certificate apostille is an act of confirmation or verification of degree certificates by designated/ authority/ departments. Degree certificate Apostille is a necessary need for Hague convention member countries. Degree certificate Apostille is a type of educational certificate Apostille, in which the responsible authority will issue Apostille with their official seal or signature. Degree certificate is a sum total of one persons graduation level academic detail. Degree certificate is a personal document which includes all your academic information like course of study, marks or grade obtained, university or name of the educational institution, year of study etc..

Types of degree certificates –

  • B Tech
  • BBA
  • BA
  • BCA
  • Com
  • Sc etc..

Degree certificate apostille is mainly using for job purposes and higher studies purposes. Degree certificates without Apostille attestation is not applicable in Hague convention countries.

Required documents for applying Degree Certificate Apostille are –

  • Passport copy
  • Original degree certificate

Degree certificate apostille makes your certificate valid and valuable in Hague convention countries. Apostille helps to prove your certificate are genuine and authenticated.  When a person wants to go a Hague convention country for employment/ job purposes, he has to take apostille attestation from the embassy or consulate of the destination country, which is present in their home country. Graduation certificate is a personal document we have to prove its authenticity in the field of applying. Degree certificate apostille is a necessary need for attending an interview or exam in Hague convention countries. When we got an apostille attestation from the intended country, our certificate will applicable anywhere in that particular country. Validity of apostille attestation  depends upon the destination country. Through Apostille our certificates legally approved in that particular country. Apostille attestation is a gateway to apostille nations. Hauge convention member countries strictly prohibit the using of certificates without apostille attesation. Apostille attestation provides safety and security to your documents.