MOFA Atestation Services in Oman, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation Qatar | Kuwait | Dubai | UK | USA

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs an abbreviation of MOFA, is a significant government department responsible for the diplomacy of the country. Most commonly this ministry is headed by a minister, in most countries the governing authority will select and appoint the MEA minister. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also known as the Ministry Of External Affairs, which is the responsible agency for the conduct of foreign relations. Authentication issued by the Ministry of External Affairs is known as MEA attestation or MOFA attestation, which will increase the credibility of the document. It is a final procedure of attestation, it is required at the ending stage of attestation process. MOFA attestation is a necessary requirement for both embassy attestation and Apostille. Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation is provided for every type of documents and original Xerox copy of certificate is needed for obtaining MOFA attestation.

MOFA attestation is granted to certificates like – 

  • Educational certificates
  • Non educational certificates
  • Commercial certificates

If you are planning to shift in another country, to reach their you should take concerned embassy attestation for your required documents, after the attestation you should take MOFA attestation from the destination country’s MEA. They issue this legal verification through their official seal, designated officials in the MEA will affix it to the document. At the time of authentication the officials will find that the document is fake or forged, the ministry will initiate appropriate legal action against the applicant. In the case of educational documents, before MEA attestation the applicant should take HRD attestation fro the documents. Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs will help the applicants to catch their needs and wants.

Some common uses of MOFA attestation –

    • To attain higher study
    • To get resident visa
    • To migrate to another country
    • To obtain higher education
    • To start a business in abroad, etc..

MEA attestation will help the immigrants to achieve their opportunities and make their entry easy. In past years, MEA attestation globally accepted by every nation because of its rich and posh functions. Nowadays, every country imposes this MEA attestation from immigrants to make sure that the certificate holder carries the original document.