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Data Flow - Genius Attestation Oman

Nursing data flow a rigorous verification procedure required by the Ministry Of Health. This procedure will help medical practitioners to increase the prominence of their educational certificates and make them qualified and competent to work in the international medical field. This verification is prevalent only in some Gulf countries like Saudi, Oman and Qatar. The Data Flow Group is the responsible agency of providing this verification. In simple words, it is an approval or permission needed for work in the international medical field. To work under Ministry Of Health the applicant should submit data flow verified certificates. This confirmation is granted to every kind of professional documents.

Some documents which required data flow verification are listed below – 

  • Educational documents related to medical field required this procedure such as MBBS certificates, nursing certificate, paramedical certificates, dentist certificates, etc..
  • Experience certificates
  • Practice licenses
  • Work permits, etc.

The main aim of this verification is to allow applicants to obtain health licenses within a less period of time, as well as protect the patients from potential occupational fraud. So it is a necessary procedure for all healthcare professionals. All required details and documents must be submitted at the time of application. Otherwise, it will subject to additional cost and cause to delay final report. This process will help the foreign authority to ensure that the hired professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists should have qualifications that they claim.  This credential evaluation will help the officials to maintain and improve the standard of medical care throughout the country. For example, if you are a qualified nurse and now planning to go to Oman for obtaining a nursing job for that you have to take data flow recognition for your required certificate which shows your nursing qualification. Data flow verification is a credential evaluation granted to all educational documents which comes under the medical field. It is a mandatory process required to work under the Ministry of Health.