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HSC Certificate Attestation Services in Oman | UK | US | Qatar| India | Switzerland

Higher Secondary(HSC) Certificate attestation is an act of verifying the school level certificate by a designed person or authority to prove its authenticity. The higher secondary examination is a public examination done by the schools affiliated board for plus two students in India. If one student passes successfully in that examination, he/she will be awarded the Higher Secondary certificate. Students who pass the HSC examination are eligible for higher studies. Higher secondary certificate attestation is a legal process of confirming or witnessing a higher secondary certificate by an authorized person/ authorities/ departments with their official seal or signature to legalizing the document. Higher secondary certificate is a personal record of secondary educational qualification and the applicant should prove its authenticity in the field we are applying for.

The Higher Secondary Certificate attestation has different purposes like –

  • For employment purposes
  • For higher study purposes
  • For school admission purposes
  • For visa purposes

Through HSC certificate attestation the documents get more authenticate and it will help to prove the genuinity of the certificate. When a person going abroad for higher studies purpose or any other educational purposes his/her higher secondary certificate has to be attested by that country’s embassy or consulate in India. HSC certificate attestation is necessary in all foreign countries, otherwise it will make more complications in the use of certificates. Higher secondary certificate is a personal document which will shows our qualification. HSC attestation includes various official procedures and the applicant should follow all the steps otherwise it will make more complications. HSC attestation makes the certificate more valid and credible. Through HSC certificate attestation higher secondary certificate gets accepted anywhere in the country in which the certificate holder plans to go. HSC attestation does not have any validity problem, so it can be used for other needs also.