FAQ - Genius Attestation Oman

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is certificate attestation?

Certificate attestation is a legal process of verification, through the attestation process your certificates become genuine and authenticate. Attestation makes certificate valid and valuable in anywhere in the destination country.

2. What is the difference between attestation and Apostille?

Attestation and Apostille are two verification process issued by a mandatory authority, Apostille attestation is an authentication process applicable only in Hague convention country’s, but the country’s that are not part of Hague convention comes under attestation. The Apostille is a sticker or stamp which attach to the document.

3. Who is the responsible authority of issuing certificate attestation and Apostille?

Destination country’s embassy is the mandatory authority of issuing attestation and apostille, which is present in your home country.

4. How the embassy / consulate authenticate your document?

The embassy issue certification authentication with their official seal or signature, which attach to the document, but only after the strict verification process.

5. What is the abbreviation of PCC? Why the destination country requires PCC from immigrant people?

PCC an abbreviation of Police clearance certificate. PCC is a necessary legal procedure required by the destination to ensure that the person does not commit any crime or offense, which is  an act harmful not only to individuals but also to the community, society or state.

6. How PCC is varied from PCC attestation?

Police clearance certificate is an official record given by the designated authority to ensure that the person does not have any criminal background. But Police Clearance Certificate Attestation is a certification issued by the home country to its citizen. Police clearance certificate attestation is used to enumerate that the person may or may not have any criminal records in the home country. Which is required by the home country.

7. What are the purposes of PCC attestation? 

  • For job/ employment purposes
  • For migration purposes
  • For residence visa purposes
  • For higher study purposes, etc..

8. Give me a clarification about educational certificate attestation?

Educational Certificate Attestation is a process of legalizing the educational document by a designated person or authority. Educational documents include certificates like degree certificates, diploma certificates, HSC certificates, SSLC certificates, etc..

9. What are the requirements for applying educational certificate attestation? 

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy of the applicant

10. Non educational certificate attestation is a significant process in international dealings, why?

Non educational certificate attestation includes several legal procedures, which is an essential part of international dealings. Because all personal document attestation is included in non educational certificate attestation.

11. What are the types of noneducational certificate attestation? 

  • Birth certificate attestation
  • Marriage certificate attestation
  • Death certificate attestation
  • Medical certificate attestation
  • Experience/ employment certificate attestation
  • Divorce certificate attestation
  • Salary certificate attestation
  • Transfer certificate attestation,..etc

12. What are the purposes of noneducational certificate attestation?

  • For migration purpose
  • For job purposes
  • For higher study purposes
  • For visa purposes

13. What is the significance of HRD attestation?

HRD is an abbreviation of Human resource development. HRD attestation is a type of attestation issued by the consulate or designated authority in your home country. It is an initial step of certificate attestation in which a mandatory authority in the Home country will issue HRD attestation with their official seal or signature.

14. Is commercial certificate attestation necessary for international trade? Why?

Commercial certificate attestation plays a vital role in international trade. Commercial certificate is an essential need in the field of business. To obtain a valid commercial certificate you have to apply in your home country first. Commercial certificate is a personal document issued by a designated authority to show ownership, property details, liability, financial asset etc..

15. What are the purposes of commercial certificate attestation?

Some common purposes of commercial certificate attestation are to give power or authority to sell a property, register or renew any property from the owner to another person, for the transaction money or any other costly things, for international trade, etc..

16. What are the documents that required for the marriage certificate Apostille?

  • Original marriage certificate
  • Passport copy

17. Define legal translation?

Legal Translation  is a type of translation in which a mandatory authority of legal translation will translate the official document into destination countries official language. Legal translation is usually done by specialized law translators. Legal translation is a translation happens in the field of law.

18. What are the documents that required for UAE certificate attestation?

  • Notary Public
  • Home Department Attestation
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation
  • UAE Embassy attestation
  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Attestation

19. Why UAE attestation is a necessary procedure for immigrant people?

In the UAE, attestation has significant importance because every person who plans to go UAE has to attest their all documents from the UAE embassy to prove the authenticity of the certificate.

20. What is the main objective of certificate attestation?

The main objective of certificate attestation is to prevent the usage of unattested documents inside the country and makes the document legally authenticate in the destination country.