The Educational Certificate Apostille is a type of attestation, which simply means legalization of verified documents to prove its authenticity. The Apostille is a french word, which  means to certify or authenticate. Hague convention gives birth to the term Apostille. Apostille protects international law by certification of foreign public documents. Hague convention member countries recommended the Apostille attestation. Apostille attestation also means Apostille convention. The Educational certificate Apostille is a legalization process educational certificates issued by the destination country’s embassy or consulate, which is situated in your home country. Every country has their own mandatory authority to issue Apostille attestation. The responsible authority will issue an Apostille attestation with their official seal and signature on the document. Educational certificate Apostille make your all educational certificate valid and valuable in the destination country. Educational certificate is a personal record which contains all our academic details, which proves our qualification.

Types of Educational Certificate Apostille are –

  • Degree certificate Apostille
  • Diploma certificate Apostille
  • HSC (higher secondary certificate) Apostille
  • SSLC certificate Apostille, etc..

The applicant should prove the authenticity of the certificate in the field of applying. Certificate Apostille have different purposes. Some common purposes of Apostille attestation are for job/ employment purposes, visa purposes, higher study purposes, for admission purposes, etc..

Required documents for applying Certificate Apostille are –

  • Passport copy
  • Original certificate

The sole function of the educational certificate apostille is to allow or give permission for the usage of educational certificate in Hague convention countries. Once you got an Educational certificate Apostille and your educational document will be automatically acceptable in all Hague convention countries. Validity of Apostille attestation is depending upon the destination country. The Educational certificate Apostille is an important activity. The Apostille is a bridge between Hague convention countries. Through Apostille Attestation your document will be more secure and safe.

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