Educational Certificate Attestation is a process of legalizing the educational document by a designated person or authority. The main objective of educational certificate attestation is to prove the certificate are authenticate and valid. It is an act of verifying that the certificates are original so that it could be valid for any country. The main purposes of educational certificate attestation are for employment purposes, getting visa purposes, higher education purposes, school admission purposes etc..

Educational certificates include –

  • Degree certificates (, BA, BBA etc..)
  • Diploma certificates
  • Post Graduation certificates
  • D certificates, etc..

When a person going abroad for job purposes or any other educational purposes his/her certificates has to be attested by that country’s embassy or consulate in India. The  attestation does not have any validity, so we can use it for other international purposes because of its unlimited validity. Through educational certificate attestation the applicant can prove his/her certificates authenticity. The designated authority or department attests certificates along with their seal or signature. The Embassy is the responsible authority for educational attestation. Original educational certificates are required for certificate attestation. Educational certificate attestation helps the authority to check applicants educational qualification. Through attestation the certificates will get accepted in that particular country in which we are going to relocate. Educational certificate is a personal document and we have to prove its authenticity in the field we are applying for. Educational certificate is a record of one person’s qualification, skills and knowledge and it has significant importance in international needs. Educational certificates attestations include various steps and the applicant should follow all the procedures for good attestation. In this busy world, educational certificate attestation has a significant importance because it provides more job opportunities. Educational certificate attestation makes eligible to work aboard.  Educational certificate attestation makes certificates more genuine.

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