Laminated Certificates attestation free of cost for Delamination for any countries from Chennai

The lamination from the certificate will be removed carefully so as not to cause any damage to the certificate. If your document is laminated then we suggest you should NOT try to remove the lamination your self since it may harm your precious document, we are habitual in removing the lamination and we adopt special techniques to do this job, therefore we recommend to send the document to us as it is.The attestation stamps will be put on the non- laminated area of the certificate. It is our suggestion to you to avoid laminating your certificates, since different countries demand for different attestations on the certificates and every time removal of lamination may cause some undesirable damages to your valuable certificates.

We GENIUS GROUP GLOBAL an ISO 9001-2008 certified company provides attestation and Apostille for all educational and non educational certificates issued from all the states of India. We have more than 50 offices in India, and our own offices in UAE, UK, USA, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Malaysia etc

“Genius Group Global” Provides online tracking facility so that the document owner can know the status of the certificate.

We provide

▼ Fast and Secure service

▼ Online payment of charges

▼ Free collection and delivery of your certificates

▼ Express service for urgent attestation

For all the certificate Attestation procedures please contact in our specified Contact : +91 9500080700 | via e-mail:


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